Birth Plan & Delivery

Birth Plan and Delivery

Birth Plan & Delivery in Singapore

Giving birth is meant to be an enjoyable and memorable experience. As part of our commitment to provide comprehensive care for pregnancy in Singapore, our female gynaecologist will discuss with you what to expect on the special day that you welcome your baby. In your birth plan, some things to consider are: your ideal birth setting, people whom you’d like to be present during delivery, whether you would like to have pain relief, and the preferred mode of delivery.

Vaginal delivery is the preferred mode of delivery, but in some cases, vacuum or forceps-assistance or caesarean section may be needed. We will obtain informed consent from you before proceeding.

We are strong advocates of natural childbirth, but we also acknowledge that pain tolerance, personal preferences and medical circumstances vary from patient to patient. We will also discuss the various options of pain relief during your antenatal visits and encourage our patients to approach labour with an open mind.

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