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When couples decide to conceive, they are usually advised to undergo pre-pregnancy preparation, also known as pre-conception care. By doing so, any medical issues that may affect fertility and the pregnancy itself can be addressed.

Pregnancy preparation typically involves:

  • Assessing the couple’s medical and family history and checking for genetic conditions that may be passed on to the baby
  • Identifying existing gynaecological conditions in the female patient that can impede conception and attainment of a full-term pregnancy (e.g. endometriosis, fibroids)
  • Assessing pregnancy history (e.g. previous miscarriages or abortions)
  • Evaluating the diet, lifestyle, medications, and even home and work environment of the couple
  • In some cases, the structure and functions of the woman’s reproductive organs may also be evaluated with a physical exam and laboratory tests. These include pelvic exams, pelvic ultrasound scans and Pap smears.
  • Screening for infectious conditions such as HIV, syphilis, rubella and others.
  • Checking vaccination records. In some cases, the doctor may ask to delay conception until certain vaccines have been received.

Once these are done, the obstetrician can then help the woman chart her menstrual cycles properly to determine when she is ovulating, and thus have a higher chance of pregnancy. In cases where the risk of passing on a genetic illness is high; the couple may be advised to undergo genetic counselling.

A Singapore obstetrician typically prescribes suitable patients with folic acid supplements, which help reduce the risk of birth defects.

Once pregnant, your obstetrician will then arrange regular screenings and scans with you to track the development of your little one.

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