Women’s Health Screening

Women's Health Screening

We believe in regular health screening to prevent illnesses. This involves physical examination and blood, urine and radiological tests for the early detection of diseases. Some diseases may have no symptoms but early detection, along with prompt treatment, results in better long-term prognosis and higher chances of a successful cure. This is why making good lifestyle choices is the best thing you can do to stay healthy.

We provide a variety of screening packages specially devised to suit women’s needs at any age.

GynaeMD (Clementi) Wellness

This package is recommended for women aged 40 and below who are concerned about their well-being. It comes with a thorough physical exam, as well as relevant ultrasound and blood tests.

GynaeMD (Clementi) Exclusive

Designed for women over 40 years old, this is used to screen for early signs of cancers and other gynaecological conditions. It consists of a physical examination as well as an array of medical, laboratory and radiological investigations.

GynaeMD (Clementi) General

This is appropriate for both men and women, regardless of age, who would like to determine their overall state of health. The package comprises a comprehensive physical examination, along with medical and blood investigations.

The Speciality Packages (Pelvis, Breast & Bone and Preconception) specifically cater to women who have particular gynaecological screening needs.

GynaeMD (Clementi) Pelvis, Breast & Bone

This package screens for potential disorders of the womb, cervix, ovaries, breast and bone.

GynaeMD (Clementi) Pre-Conception

The preconception package aims to assess and prepare women planning for pregnancy. The purpose is to identify existing or potential risks which may affect the woman or her baby should she conceive. Apart from physical and laboratory exams, we also provide personalised advice pertaining to conception and improving fertility.

Wellness Exclusive General Pelvis, Breast & Bone Pre-Conception
Physical examination
Body Mass Index
Weight & Height
Blood Pressure
Pap Smear  
Urine analysis  
Ultrasound of Pelvis  
Bone Mineral Densitometry      
Cancer Profile      
Full Blood Count  
Chest X-ray    
Full Blood Count    
VDRL Screening  
Hep B Screening  
HIV Testing  
Blood Glucose    
Kidney Function    
Liver Function    
Stool Occult Blood    
Thyroid Screen    
Blood Grouping / Rhesus Factor  
Rubella Antibodies        
Other Gynaecological Services We Provide:
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